The Best CBD Oil to Treat Libido: Can CBD Oil Aid in Sexual Libido?


CBD Oil to Treat Libido: Can CBD Oil Aid in Sexual Libido?

  • A study in 2008 found that 32 percent of women and fifteen percent of men aged between the age of 18 between 59 and 58 experience an absence or desire to engage sexually. Although several factors can contribute to a lack of Libido, psychological factors are among the most often cited causes in many instances.
  • While low testosterone is likely to trigger sexual libido issues in females and males, research has shown that males with sexual dysfunction and women with diminished sexual desire could be benefited from testosterone treatment.
  • Consuming CBD (cannabidiol) can be a fascinating and possible alternative for people who suffer from low sexual desire. CBD could have the characteristics which can stimulate sexual activity by easing anxieties and increasing blood flow, which is two of the most frequent causes of decreased sexual desire.
  • There isn’t conclusive evidence from a clinical study that suggests CBD can treat individuals suffering from Libido problems, mainly since most research studies were conducted on animals. Before beginning CBD, always consult a physician before addressing any health issues like low Libido.

Why are some people are turning to CBD to treat Libido?

CBD Oil to Treat Libido: Can CBD Oil Aid in Sexual Libido?

The term “low libido” is when a person is not feeling the urge to have a sexual experience. According to research conducted in 2008, 32 percent of women and 15 percent of men aged 18 to 59 had a lack of sexual desire, which continued for many months.

The same study outlined a myriad of causes of low Libido, with psychological reasons being the most prevalent. Anyone diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction disorder could have an underlying psychophysiological (connection between body and mind) issue.

A study conducted in 2019 supports that psychology plays an essential part in the desire for sexual pleasure among males. According to the researcher, psychological causes like depression, relationship difficulties and anxiety can be responsible for decreasing sexual desire.

If lower Libido can be attributed to psychological factors, various treatments, including therapy for behavioral issues, can assist. Counseling can help address problems with relationships and understanding the impact of stress and how it impacts sexual functioning is vital.

In addition, low testosterone levels are also possible causes for problems with Libido, both in males and females.

A 2017 study revealed that testosterone therapy could help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and lower desire to engage sexually. In addition, the treatment is also thought to be a possibility for women suffering from a lower sexual desire.

However, the majority of the findings from these studies aren’t confirmed.

Many people have begun to look into other methods to increase their sexual life through different modes of treatment. One of the fascinating solutions to reduce libido levels is the consumption of CBD, also known as cannabidiol.

CBD is a substance derived from Cannabis sativa, a plant that does not trigger psychoactive effects typically associated with the marijuana plant. CBD is believed to have various benefits, such as the possibility of relieving anxiousness, an issue that is frequently associated with low levels of Libido.

A study published in 2018 suggested that CBD could have vasodilation effects, leading to vasodilation or the expansion of blood vessels. As the proper circulation of blood is crucial to maintain an erection, this could indicate that CBD can help with Erectile dysfunction. Studies on humans in a formal setting are still to be completed to determine any benefits in this particular aspect.

What CBD Oil Works to Help with Libido

Knowing about the body’s endocannabinoid systems (ECS) and how cannabinoids impact it is crucial to comprehend how CBD could help with low libido issues.

The first and most crucial benefit of healing that cannabinoids have, such as CBD, is their interaction with the ECS and its receptors.

The ECS is the primary regulator of many body functions, such as its reaction to pain, inflammation and sleep. It also regulates mood, appetite, and anxiety.

In a study from 2012 published by the Journal of Psychopharmacology, researchers stated that the ECS plays an essential role in mediating the elements of anxiety-related behaviour. The researchers found that CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors within the ECS can be altered to produce anti-anxiety effects.

The study also revealed that cannabinoids could stimulate the activation of specific reactions in the body. One of the highlighted compounds was CBD, which, according to the survey, reduces anxiety through interfacing with ECS.

A study released by The Neurochemical Research Journal found that CBD may hinder serotonin’s reuptake inside the brain. The interaction leads to the chemical becoming more accessible to the body, which is similar to the way antidepressants exert the effects.

It is often referred to for its “feel happy” chemical serotonin affects various psychological functions and can affect factors like joy and mood. It’s not clear what benefits CBD can bring to mood.

The results of this research could suggest that CBD could be utilized to regulate serotonin levels within the body, helping to reduce anxiety.

As psychology is thought to be one of the primary factors that reduce sexual desire in men, using CBD supplements to help treat anxiety is a reasonable option and may increase Libido.

The Benefits and Cons of CBD Oil for Libido

The Benefits

  • Studies have suggested that CBD can enhance a person’s mental health through its interactions in the ECS. Since psychology is often linked with sexual arousal, those with low Libido who use CBD could experience a boost in sexual drive.
  • Organizations, such as those of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), acknowledge the health benefits cannabidiol might provide and encourage the need for further research in this field.
  • CBD oil can be purchased and consumed without prescription in states where it’s legal to sell. Always talk to a doctor before you buy it, regardless.

The Cons

  • The research mentioned above does not provide sufficient evidence from a clinical perspective to decide whether CBD helps people who are unable to Libido.
  • As of the date of this article, Epidiolex is the only CBD product available the FDA approves to treat seizures.
  • While CBD is generally well-tolerated, experts caution that CBD could cause adverse consequences, like nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue, drowsiness, and dry mouth.
  • CBD isn’t well-regulated, and labeling accuracy of products sold online is one of the most significant issues, as per an investigation in 2017.

The way CBD Oil Compares to Alternative Treatments for Libido

Testosterone therapy is an option if you have low sexual Libido. There aren’t conclusive studies that show the effectiveness of this therapy.

Many people are now using herbal remedies and aphrodisiacs to improve their sexual drive and Libido. Gingko and red ginseng maca and fenugreek belong to the other options being utilized.

These remedies are because they have positive effects on the body.

For instance, those who took maca supplements regularly had a greater inclination to sex. Premenopausal women, too, were found to have better sexual performance after taking red ginseng, as per the study from 2015.

On the other hand, CBD has demonstrated the capacity to influence its users’ mental and physical well-being.

Researchers have concluded that CBD may boost circulation and blood flow, allowing males who have erectile dysfunction to achieve and keep an erection for longer.

Concerning psychology, research has shown that CBD can affect the system inside our body responsible for balancing mood and happiness, both of which are vital for sexual attraction.

There are currently CBD products infused with essential oils extracted from herbal sources like CBD that contains red ginseng maca and ginkgo.

Certain people believe that mixing the claimed therapeutic benefits of CBD along with natural remedies can result in the best results for treating low sexual Libido.

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil to Treat Libido

Three kinds of CBD oil products are currently available on the market: the full spectrum broad-spectrum, the full-spectrum, and the isolating.

The three varieties are the most popular. The full spectrum variety includes all of the cannabinoid’s flavonoids, terpenes, and other compounds found within the plant of cannabis. Additionally, it contains various nutrients, such as fatty acids, minerals and even (THC).

Combining these substances can cause a phenomenon referred to in the scientific community as “the entourage effect.” According to a study conducted in 2018, the synergistic effects cause components of cannabis to become more effective when combined.

There are numerous cannabinoids within the Cannabis sativa plant, which people believe has medicinal advantages. So, when choosing the best CBD product, choosing the full-spectrum CBD oil is an excellent choice.

Some people might be allergic to the THC substance, so opting for an alternative CBD product could be best.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is the following form of cannabidiol and is similar to full-spectrum CBD oil. It has all of the components found in full-spectrum, except for THC.

CBD in broad-spectrum form is great for those allergic to THC or who do not want to consume the chemical substance.

There are also CBD isolates that are the purest form of CBD available on the market. CBD isolates are an alternative for those who do not enjoy other elements of cannabis and prefer to consume pure cannabidiol.

Whichever form or form of CBD oil, it is essential to select the highest-quality CBD extracted by industrial hemp.

Here are some other aspects to think about when choosing the top CBD products of the moment:

  • Make sure you are aware of legal implications regarding CBD use in the location you plan to buy and consume it to avoid legal pitfalls.
  • CBD oil products derived from organic hemp non-GMO hemp are thought to be the most effective because hemp is known because of its high content in CBD and the absence of THC.
  • Studies on the extraction technique that a CBD oil producer employed. According to the FDA, a 2018 study found that the CO2 CBD extraction method is deemed secure.
  • Check for your certificate of analysis (COA) for your CBD product, which is proof of the ingredient listed on the packaging. A COA confirms that a third party lab has conducted tests on the product to determine whether it contains contaminants that shouldn’t be found in CBD.
  • Interested buyers should seek advice from a physician experienced with CBD use to determine the best CBD product for the needs of their clients.

CBD Dosage for Libido

The guidelines that govern the appropriate dosage of CBD to treat libido issues are still to be established. There are no guidelines from the FDA because the FDA hasn’t approved CBD as a food supplement.

Some people suggest that a person’s weight should be considered when determining the dosage. Small CBD doses of between 12 to 25 mg per day are recommended to reduce anxiety.

Some recommend starting with the lowest dose and then gradually increasing it until CBD’s intended effects are experienced.

Large-scale testing is essential to ensure that authorities follow the proper guidelines for CBD dosage, particularly for those interested in using CBD to treat low Libido.

How Do I Take CBD Oil for Libido

CBD hemp oil can be found in CBD drinks, edibles and gummies. It is possible to consume these items before sexual activity to enjoy a sexually satisfying experience.

Certain companies sell CBD Lube products that improve sexual pleasure since they could reduce dry vagina.

Another way of taking CBD oil is by vaping using cartridges, vape pens or disposables. CBD capsules can also be offered and consumed as a supplement to your diet.

Additionally, CBD massage oils, in the form of lotions or CBD balms, could help in stimulating sexual drive. They could also be helpful in promoting the nerve response in sexual interactions. These aren’t yet tested methods, however.

Sexual Desire in Women and Men

Since there is no definitive solution to restore sexual desire in people with low Libido, the most effective strategy is to learn how sexual desire affects women and men.

Male Sexual Attraction

According to a study from 2012, the desire for sexual pleasure is generally more prevalent in males than women. The loss of sexual attraction may be more prevalent in women; however, men too often experience it.

Males can frequently feel less sexy when they’ve had a large amount of alcohol. Erectile problems, certain medical conditions, medications and stress can cause decreased sexual desire.

Males may also be less interested in sexual activity due to the lack of emotional bond or repeated rejection of sexual desire and other health problems.

sexual Desire within Women

The subject of sexual desires in females is more complicated and delicate than for men. It could have more variables, and some women may be easily put off by how they feel.

The feelings of these women are believed to be influenced by various factors that affect their hormonal levels and what they’re thinking at the moment. Experts agree that females are less sexual desires than males.

The desire for female sex appears to be based on various aspects that involve a variety of physical, mental and social interactions. This could be why there is no one-size-fits-all solution to treating women with low sexual desire.

Other causes that could be a reason for low Libido

Below are some of the possible causes that could result in a decline in sexual desire.


The adverse effects that can be experienced when taking medication could cause lower levels of Libido. Some of the most commonly used reasons are beta-blockers and antipsychotics, statins, analgesics, and antidepressants.

The decision to stop or modify the use of a suspected medication could reverse the problem, but it isn’t 100% guaranteed. 


Depression sufferers may be prone to experiencing low sex drives. Depression could be both the reason and result of a lower sex drive that can place people in a difficult situation.

A study conducted in 2000 found that libido loss was disproportionately affecting people who suffer from depression. Researchers believe that since both are linked, treating one could enhance one of them.

Depression can be a severe disease that requires diagnosis and treatment under the supervision of an accredited health expert. There are many proven treatments for depression, and CBD isn’t yet one.

Chronic Illness

As per the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), chronic illness could be another reason behind decreasing sexual activity. They say that constant pain, vomiting, nausea, nausea, weight loss and dehydration can make the person feel weak and weak because they’ll have less energy to go out for sexual activity.

They also noted that breathing problems caused by lung cancer and difficulty moving caused by Parkinson’s disease could affect sexual health.

Additionally, a person who has Crohn’s or irritable bowel syndrome might suffer from flare-ups when they are sexually active, resulting in embarrassing situations. The situation could quickly escalate into anxiety regarding sexual intimacy, leading people to avoid sexual activity.


A decrease in sexual desire is a problem found in 32% of females and 15% of males between 18 to 59. One of the leading causes that can lead people to experience a low sexual desire is the psychology of the individual.

There are a variety of treatments that have been developed for people who have low sexual drive, such as treatment for behavioral disorders and testosterone treatment. But, none of these treatments, like CBD, have yet been proven effective in treating those with low testosterone. There is, however, some increasing evidence.

One fascinating treatment increasing in popularity is the use of CBD or cannabidiol. Several studies suggest that CBD can aid men who have Erectile dysfunction and those with reduced motivation.

There are CBD manufacturers who have produced products that aid in sexual activities, including CBD products, lubricants, health supplements, tinctures, and even edibles. CBD Massage oils are also common and are promoted as a method to increase sexual desire and enhance sexual pleasure during sexual relations.

The studies that are that were mentioned concerning CBD were conducted with animals.

There is currently no clinical evidence to support the claim that CBD could help people who suffer from low sexual Libido. Consult your doctor before taking any medication to determine the reason for your low Libido, and then decide on the best approach to treatment.

What are the most popular cannabis strains to use for sexual sex?

Cannabis has attracted much interest in the wellness sector in recent years. Studies suggest that the components found in cannabis could provide beneficial health effects. One could be that it is an Aphrodisiac. Although more research is needed, certain cannabis strains might aid in sexual relations.

 Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most known components of the plant. THC is the chemical responsible for the effects of intoxication. In the case of CBD users, they can take CBD or CBD-based supplements for various reasons, like alleviating pain, managing anxiety, and preventing seizures.

Anecdotally people also suggest using cannabis to enhance sexual pleasure. However, further research is needed since the current research is inconsistent. For instance, a study from 2019 suggests that cannabis could increase female satisfaction when they orgasm. However, a review published in 2015 suggests that long-term smoking cannabis among males could reduce sexual drive.

Learn more about which cannabis strains are suitable for sexual sex, their advantages, their adverse side effects, as well as the best way to use them.

Is CBD legal? The 2019 Farm Bill removed hemp from the definition of marijuana that is legal within the Controlled Substances Act. This makes hemp-derived CBD products containing less than 0.3 percent THC legal under federal law.

But, CBD products containing more than 0.3 percent THC are still categorized within an official definition for marijuana. This makes it legal under specific state laws. Make sure you are aware of the state laws, particularly when traveling. Keep in mind this: the FDA has not yet approved CBD products that are not prescribed, and certain products could be mislabeled.

Do strains matter?

Only a tiny amount of human research studies various cannabis strains and their effects on sexual sex. So, there is no proof that particular strains are superior for sexual relations. However, some people say that certain strains are better in certain circumstances.

Most research indicates that the way of dosing and the way of delivery is more crucial than the cannabis strain one chooses to use. Researching the specific characteristics of different cannabis strains, for instance, the amounts of phytochemicals and terpenes, is currently in progress.

Benefits and efficiency

The human body is equipped with receptors that form part of the complex cell signalling system known as the endocannabinoid system or Trusted Source. The majority of experts believe that cannabinoids indirectly stimulate these receptors, which allows the body to respond in various ways, including anticonvulsant anxiety-reducing and anti-inflammatory.

But, some experts doubt the efficacy of cannabinoids because of the lack of research.

However, reports from anecdotal sources suggest that the best strains of sexual sex could benefit:

Sexual anxiety

A few people suffer from sexual anxiety about performance, which can hinder their sex from being enjoyable.

A 2020 research paper indicates that CBD could play a significant function in treating various anxiety conditions. The research study from 2019 also showed that males who took 300-600 milligrams of CBD experienced significantly fewer anxiety symptoms.

Thus, CBD may be beneficial to reduce anxiety related to sexual activity.

Low Sex Drive

A 2017 study conducted by the Trusted Source suggests that cannabis might trigger this part of our brain that regulates the arousal process. This is why cannabis could be beneficial for individuals with low sex drive. However, a review from 2015 of the trusted source states that the excessive use of cannabis could reduce sexual drive among males.

Poor lubrication

A variety of personal lubricants available contain CBD in the form of an additive. Although there isn’t much research into CBD and lubrication, current research suggests that CBD applied to the skin may help reduce inflammation and pain. Inflammation.

Thus, people who suffer from dryness and pain in sexual intimacy may benefit from CBD-infused lubricants. However, they should ensure whether the CBD lubricant works with condoms before using them.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

A review in 2014 conducted by Trusted Source discovered an indication that the Cannabis Sativa plant could increase sexual performance and ejaculatory ejaculation. 

Doctors believe that it will assist in increasing penis blood flow. A better flow of blood to the penis can ease ED and help prolong the duration of sexual relations.

Risks and adverse effects

Recent research suggests no adverse negative effects from the cannabis constituents, including CBD and THC.

World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source, CBD is safe, and the only possible adverse effects could be interactions with other drugs that a person might be taking.

Consuming THC might experience a few brief adverse effects. They could include:

  • A general feeling of being in a high
  • Red eyes
  • memory loss
  • problems in coordination
  • Heart rate increases
  • slower than the average response time
  • dry mouth

A few studies suggest that taking regular or high doses of THC can increase the chance to develop schizophrenia in particular people who have an inherited predisposition to the disorder.

The combination of CBD or THC does not have any known adverse effects that could be serious, and neither is fatal if used correctly. Although there are a limited amount of studies on other components of cannabis, like terpenes and terpenes, these aren’t thought to have significant side consequences.

Are certain strains better for sex?

The current research does not reveal that certain strains of cannabis are superior to others for sexual activity. Instead, it appears that the dosage and delivery method are crucial for gaining advantages.

However, different people react differently to various sexual stimuli and may also anecdotally suggest different strains to suit different kinds of sexual interactions.

Cannabis comes in all varieties in cannabis, which is part of the Cannabaceae group of plant species. Certain experts believe Cannabis indica, as well as C. Sativa, to be two of the most trusted sources.

To make a strain, cultivators select traits to create the results they desire. This is similar to what breeders use to create specific characteristics in dogs.

The cannabis varieties are usually described as being Sativa, Indica or hybrid. The hybrid strain results from the combination of Indica and Sativa varieties.

Best for Libido

Anecdotally, some people believe that strains with high levels of terpene limonene could help in boosting the Libido.

Some of the substances that could be beneficial for Libido are:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Wedding Gelato

Ideal for masturbation

There is a suggestion that strains that contain high levels of terpene linalool could be ideal for performing sex solo due to its potential relaxing effects.

Some of the strains that could be loved by those who seek to relax are:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • LA Confidential

The best solution for anxiety

A 2017 study looked at different cannabis strains which could help lower anxiety levels. Participants in the survey rated various themes according to their effectiveness in relieving anxiety-related symptoms.

The study found that the most prevalent anxiety-related strains include:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Skywalker OG Kush
  • Kosher Kush

Pain relief

The terpenes found in the strains like myrcene, humulene and beta-caryophyl and caryophyllene can assist in relieving pain due to the potential for analgesic properties.

A few of the most famous varieties for pain relief comprise:

  • Zkittlez
  • G13
  • Harlequin

How do I make use of

Manufacturers incorporate CBD into a variety of products. There are several ways to make use of CBD. Various forms can be used, including:

  • CBD edibles
  • CBD oils
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD oil lubricant
  • Massage oil for CBD
  • CBD Suppositories

One can use any product similarly as a comparable product without CBD. For instance, one could apply CBD lubricant on their genitals to aid sexual contact.

For each product is crucial to follow the directions printed on the package. It is also advised to adhere to the dose stated on the label.

Alternatives to enhance sex life

Or, they can try the following suggestions to improve the quality of their sexual life

  • reducing stress, if possible
  • maintaining a healthy and balanced diet
  • as well as foreplay
  • by using sexually explicit toys
  • Utilizing the aphrodisiacs
  • being active
  • Enhancing communication
  • Limiting alcohol and smoking consumption

Learn more about the health issues you are concerned about the most. 

When should you see the doctor?

If the symptoms don’t improve through relaxation and lifestyle changes or become worse with time, medical intervention could be helpful.

A doctor could:

  • Ask questions about symptoms
  • Perform a physical exam
  • Conduct blood tests to determine the material cause.
  • ask questions about mental health and levels of stress

A medical professional can assist someone finds a treatment or treatment that eases their symptoms and promotes happy sexual encounters.


There are several possible reasons for anxiety about sexual performance, such as relationships issues and poor body image. If it persists, the stress could cause physical discomfort, including ED.

It is possible to try methods at home to manage ED. Talking to sexual partners regarding performance anxiety could help ease the stress.

If these methods are not effective, doctors can provide recommendations on the best treatment options that could include a mix of psychotherapy and medications.

A few studies and anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis can make sex more enjoyable. However, research indicates that the dosage and the delivery method are much more crucial than the cannabis strain the user chooses to use.

Anyone must speak with a doctor before making use of any cannabis.

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